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War Water - Restoring Peace

It has been a while since I have blogged anything, my life seems to be in a constant roller coaster between happiness and complete chaos - I guess whose isn't though amiright?

I went from complete and utter chaos in California, to up and moving to Utah within months, settling in and starting my business back up, going viral on TikTok and receiving more orders than I could manage and then going through major burn out, then for all sales to stop abruptly, Etsy shutting by shop down completely because of a dang typo on my expiration date on my debit card and being weeks without pay, to finding what I believed was true love but ended up being a true pile of dookie.

To say I need peace is an understatement.

With it being winter now, and there being plenty of storms, I figured this would be not only the perfect time to create my own, but show you how to restore your own peace using war water!

Now first: What is war water?

Many different parts of the world have different ways of using it, however it overall is an offensive form of protective magic. Some consider it a way of cursing, thought to cause complete disorder amongst enemies, however I use it to remove negative influences and restore peace.

My own personal beliefs and recipes comes from Taltosism (Hungarian Native Faith) mixed with more new age Hungarian Paganism, as well as available ingredients in my own area. Thankfully you can change up your own ingredients according to what is available to you, just keep in mind what its properties are and how they will effect your own.

What you will need:

  • Cut iron nail (the rustier the better)

  • Moss

  • Storm water (the more chaotic the storm the better, but you can also use swamp, pond, or dirty urban water)

  • Dirt (from around the water source or graveyard dirt but make sure it is from a grave of someone you know and that you are being very respectful of the deceased)

  • A jar with a cork or lid

In order to make your war water, you will need to gather your water by either swamp/pond, leaving it out in the storm, or by letting collecting it from your storm drain. You add in the moss, nail and dirt into the jar and leaving it for a couple weeks in a dark cool area. You must open the jar once in a while to allow it to breathe, as the moss needs to decompose and the nail needs to rust and it needs oxygen to do this.

You know your water is ready when it smells like a swamp, is a rusty red color and overall looks disgusting. The worse the better. Now, we aren't using this water to curse, but as protective measures and to restore our peace, and by doing this your next step would be using the water to pour around your homes parameters or use it during casting a protective spell.

Happy witchcrafting and let peace be upon you!

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