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Hello my chronically creative friends!

Welcome to my blog!

Where to get started??

Hello! My name is Fish, and I am addicted to creating, and this is my story.

I am not sure where or how to begin, other than just being honest. My entire life I have been a creative (I loath the word crafty, it just doesn't feel deep enough), but because of life trauma and ADHD I have been hesitant with sharing that side of me to its fullest. So, I wanted to create a place for others who not only share their love of creation, but also share common life stories.

I officially started my business in 2020, and upon stepping into the business world, I started making friends, & I quickly learned my story isn't as uncommon as it felt like it was. My peers and I share so many life circumstances, stories and passion for all that we do, but so many keep it personal and don't put it out there for the world to know. This is me breaking that seal!

Within this space, I will be blogging my life circumstances, Tips & tricks to all that I know, thoughts, my business & creative journey, introducing you to awesome people I personally think you should follow, as well as a space for all to conjugate and come together to talk about all of the topics one can muster! (with some restrictions of course)

To begin it all I would love to introduce you to some creatives, a little bit about them and what they do, how they got started and where you can find them! I emailed them all a questionnaire and here are their answers!

First up is Samantha. Sam is the owner of Island Micas and More, and also hosts a large group on Facebook called Resin Fanatics. When I first started my business this group got me through so many rough times, taught me so many valuable lessons and overall helped me grow as a Resin Artist!.


Fish: Hi Sam! Please introduce yourself, your business name and what do you sell/what service do you provide?

Sam: Island Micas And More .. I sell beautiful heat & resin solvent micas and glitters and resin supplies!

Fish: What did you want to be when you “grew up”? Is it different from what you are doing now, and if so, how did you end up doing what you are doing now?

Sam: I wanted to be a paleontologist! But I ended up becoming a full time artist after my mom took me to my first paint and sip class about 10 years ago… I started painting acrylic paintings , then moved to acrylic pours and then I found resin! Fell in love .. I noticed online when you would go into resin groups that people were not very friendly, and would not share their tips … so I decided to make my own group (Resin Fanatics on FB .. where people can come to a friendly environment ask questions , get answers and make lots of friends.. Eventually I started a YouTube channel to teach resin art work, and that led up to me opening my Mica shop

Fish: What is the roughest part of your business?

Sam: Honestly the roughest part of the business is keeping up on all the social media platforms. Trying to post and promote my business.. There’s so many .. Everyone is everywhere.

Fish: What is the most rewarding part of your business?

Sam: The most rewarding part of my business is when someone writes to me that they were able to create something that they where having trouble with because I helped them create it on my YouTube channel.. especially my resin waves , I developed my own wave formula and am very proud of it

Fish: Do you have a 5-year goal with your business? If so, would you be willing to indulge us a little bit with where you plan on taking it?

Sam: I don’t really have a plan , I work from home this is my full time job and I just want to do what I love and keep creating .. I just signed up to Sunset celebrations in Mallory square , Key West FL.. again and I’m super excited about that

Fish: What is your most prized/favorite piece you’ve created?

Sam: My most prized piece would be my Resin 3D wave heart .. that’s the piece that I became

know for.

Fish: What is your biggest failed project?

Sam: My least favorite project no longer exists.. I probably threw it in the trash lol.. but all joking aside. Honestly, I’ve done so many pieces that are not my favorite and sometimes those are the first ones to sell because sometimes you’re just too hard on yourself.…

Fish: What big or small business move have you made that became the most rewarding?

Sam: Buying a 3D printer and actually learning the software, being able to create my own things .. I am currently working on freshie molds.. but that is a huge accomplishment to me because the software was so intimidating at first

Fish: What big or small business move have you made that became the biggest fail/hurt you the most but became the best learning experience?

Sam: Ordering too much inventory! It’s better to sell out then to have too much

Fish: Do you have any shout outs to other businesses you are friends with you would like people to check out?

Sam: So so many , firstly you! Swishy Fish Designs, your molds are amazing .. Also Danner Builds and the Resin Queen , the also make some amazing molds .. and for some amazing artwork Susieb_originals on IG

Fish: Do you have any apprenticeships/ambassador programs?

Sam: I actually do for Island Micas you can become an affiliate and make some cash for promoting

Fish: Are you willing to teach people how to do what you do?

Fish: Do you have any first-time customer codes you would be willing to share?

Sam: Sure do you can use code FANATICS to receive a percent off at Island Micas , also come join and check out the group , we do fun monthly resin swaps

Fish: What are all your socials so everyone can follow you?

Sam: IG @islandmicasandmore FB @islandmicasandmore. You can also check out some of my artwork in my Etsy shop

Fish: Go rogue! Let us know anything more you would like to tell us about yourself or your business!

Sam: Just wanted to say that I’m so glad that I found resin , it really got me through a rough period in my life and I’m so grateful for all the friends I have made and kept throughout the years on social media .. We are really close and always have each others back.


Thank you for reading and I hope you're just as excited to meet more creators and learn more with me as I am!

Please feel free to browse through the site! Click the log in button to become a member and have full access to groups!

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