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Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

My life never seems to come short when it comes to eventful days. If you read my last blog, you know that I went through a bit of a traumatic event a couple weeks ago. Well, as soon as I started to feel better about myself and started to get things back in the move, I was summoned to court with a two days notice.

I hate court. Id prefer to avoid it at all costs. Especially when it comes to things like this, I just want to avoid having to beg people to believe me. I just want to cover my eyes and wish things away. But, I can't. I have to stay strong and push forward. He said he wants to go to trial, and that's within his rights, so I have to go and there's no point in doing it with my head hung low.

But then amongst this time, my kids and I had to have a hard talk about our dog Sheldon. Our Aussie. Our smart sweet guy. He has had chronic ear infections his entire life, he's allergic to what feels like everything, and so every time his ears clear up the infection comes back with vengeance. Understandably this makes him a very grumpy boy, but when his ears are in full swing he cant be trusted with our other dog Rusty. So we have three choices: find him a home with less of the things he's allergic to, where he will be the only dog in the home, and with owners that can possibly do more than we can financially, or just keep doing what were doing and accept that he will be in pain for the rest of his life, and continue to separate him from our other dogs or put him to rest and take all of the pain away forever. I don't like any of the choices if I'm going to be honest, but I am just stuck at this impasse. I've done everything I am able to, from immunotherapy to tests and putting him under for the doctor to get an even closer look to what's going on. I've tried my best, but it still feels like I have failed him.

On top of all these already stressful situations, I am trying to move out of state, and its been a SLOW process. Its been two weeks since applying to a single apartment and still haven't heard back yet (they say I'll get my answer on the 15th so we shall see soon), and that's just clamoring at my brain.

Then Etsy and SVB bank drama has had me in a whirl wind (for those who don't know, Etsy banked with SVB whom recently went under taking Etsy's seller money with them so Etsy couldn't pay its sellers and is just now able to start rolling out their payments).

This morning I woke up to a message from another mold seller saying that others are messaging her saying I am stealing her designs despite the designs being from a digital artists Etsy page. I know logically there will be people who wont like me, or will talk about me, but when its brought to my attention it just plants a seed in my brain and grows wildly into something much bigger than it needs to be. I shouldn't care yet I give all the shits.

All of this is making me slip up on things like not hitting send on peoples messages after typing it all up, forgetting about custom request messages, some how messing up peoples orders in the dumbest of ways like forgetting a single mold out of the entirety of the order. Just stupid small things I typically have all kinds of preventative measures set up to help me avoid it, but now I'm forgetting to set those things up.

Then tonight... Tonight I decided to drive into my backyard (I currently live on a very large property with no proper driveway) to grab some bags of stuff I'm having get picked up from waste management tomorrow that is just too heavy to carry, I'm a smol woman I can only do so much. Well, right as I pulled into the backyard for the 4th trip, my car decides to wedge its self into a muddy hole and the car got stuck. Great. lol just what I needed! Well this isn't where that story ends unfortunately. I didn't just get in my car and wiggle its way out. Nope, I called the tow truck to come pull me out, who then in return ended up getting stuck while pulling me out. EMBARASSING to say the least.

But at this point, I can't tell if I am losing my mind or if I am just at that point of becoming numb to bad things happening, but I couldn't help but just laugh. This is so ridiculous. Only I would get my car stuck in a spot that would make the tow truck saving me get stuck and need his own tow truck lol

Thankfully my car has been saved now, nothing was damaged in the midst of it all, but I am truly seeing this as one of lifes little lessons.

Sometimes shit just bursts at its seams. Sometimes it just completely starts to crumble and its all beyond your control. It isn't anything you've done directly to "ask for it" but sometimes.. sometimes shit just happens and you have to roll with it. There is no point in fighting the current so just enjoy the wave.

I saw this TikTok a few weeks back where this girl said 'We're all on a journey getting to our final destination. But just like when we go on vacation, we don't spend the time traveling to get there complaining that we're not there yet. No, we enjoy the ride and stay hyped about where were about to be. So why don't we do that with our lives?' I have spent so much time day dreaming about where I want to be, but I have also been spending too much time complaining about the journey that's getting me there. Am I going to fail sometimes? Miss a customers message, completely miss hitting send on an important message? Get my car stuck in the most embarrassing way possible? Yes, I am human and make mistakes, a human with ADHD at that, and that's okay! Life is just a journey and the more I complain about the turbulence is the more I miss out on the awesome view, and the longer the trip to our "vacation" spot feels.

So this long, drawn out blog is just to say, if you're going through it right now too, don't forget to breathe. Don't forget to look out that metaphorical window and choose to look at the beauty around you. I know its hard, trust me I get it, but I promise you it's there.

If you're a customer of mine and I have some how failed you this past two weeks, please know that I am deeply sorry, and I am working my hardest at becoming a better version of myself for myself, but also for you. ( Most especially to you, Tessa. You deserve a better buying experience than I have given you).

Now peace love and onward toward growth, in both business and within ourselves!

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