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Holiday Brain Dump

First I want to start off this blog with a massive THANK YOU to everyone and their continued support! It could be that self hate talk my therapist has been bitching to me about, but I truly didn't think I would reach many people, but I was wrong. Just thank you for taking any interest in what I have to say at all lol

So my lack of blogging has to do with something I talked with my therapist about: scheduling. The week before last my head was spinning. Etsy decided to push my listings on Saturday and Sunday (if you aren't an Etsy seller, when you make a sale on Saturday and Sunday, they are due to ship on the same day, unlike the rest of the days of the week where the due to ship date changes). So I suddenly got a huge influx of orders I typically do not get (40 orders in two days), and so I got behind with everything else. My house is a mess, I haven't been posting content, just waking up at 7am and not going to bed until 2am.

Then orders stopped. The week before those sales I didn't make any money, and the week proceeding that weekend I made 3 sales. So while I was very much grateful for those 40 sales, it wasn't consistent or enough. Then I had TWENTY ONE orders get stuck in pre-transit from a week before, so I had to add those into my work flow to send out replacements. Typically when my sales stop I have all this time to panic and hustle my way around finding a way to make more money, but because of of all these orders being due on the same day, I was too busy with fulfilling those orders to be able to figure a way out to make more money.

Its such a weird feeling being too busy to panic. Like these things are ruminating in the back of my mind, but I am so consumed with fulfilling orders that I cant think about it.

I talked to my therapist about it this past week. Being exhausted and run down but too busy to pay attention to it, and so she pointed out the what should be very obvious answer: put myself on a strict schedule, but within this schedule I HAVE to set time for myself (as of right now I have not been giving myself a single day off). So this past Monday was my very first day of trying out my new schedule:

Mondays: Fulfill orders due to ship on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesdays: Wake up early, go on a long walk, take a shower & get "pretty" for the day (I haven't put makeup on nor had my hair out of a bun on a consistent basis since pre pandemic) make content for an entire week, get off by 6pm and after that, its time for me and the kids, Get to bed by 11pm

Wednesdays: Fulfill orders due to ship on Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursdays: Wake up early, go on a long walk, take a shower & get "pretty", and then this is the day to spend on doing adulting. Run errands, make important phone calls. Be done with it all by 6pm and spend the rest of the day doing something creative. In bed by 11pm

Fridays: Wake up early, go on a long walk, take a shower, get "pretty", work on a new project. Spend time with the kids. Work on anything I am behind on, and spend the rest of the day doing whatever I want/need to (appointment day if I need to have a doctors appointment)

Saturday: Full day off, with 0 commitments

Sunday: Full day off, but spend the evening prepping for Mondays pours.

Not to shabby right?

Well, Monday went FANTASTIC I was able to get ahead of orders and finished the day up early as hell, leaving me bored and not knowing what to do. Then today... I guess I turned my alarm off on Monday and never turned it back on, so I woke up past 9am. I still went on that walk. But then my daughter had some errands she needed to get done because she got behind on her own work, by the time we got home it was already 2:30pm so there was no getting pretty. I started working on content creation but since it is winter the sun was already going down leaving me with no lighting for photos/videos. I still managed to get a post up about my new cutters, but that was it. No weeks worth of content. Fail? I don't think so, not every day will go as perfectly planned out and that's okay!

What matters is there is a tomorrow, and there is always my other days off to catch up!

So to end this rant of a blog I want to say this:

“Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.” ― Winston Churchill

Plans hardly ever go exactly how you planned it to be, but planning in general is of great importance. So if you feel the same, a bit of you is everywhere and you feel utterly consumed by being overly busy, this is your sign: Make a schedule.

If you are bad at scheduling, here are some great planners/inspo:

K love you byeeee

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Unknown member
Dec 28, 2022

Not sure if this was a picture of your actual bullet journal or just an example, but it’s so cute! I love it! I noticed under hobbies “knit” was there! I knit too! So relaxing….most of the time lol 🤣


Unknown member
Dec 21, 2022

Really felt this one, Fishy! I am glad you are creating a schedule to include yourself, and you are so right, sometimes things don’t go according to plan, but what matters is when we set aside the time to care for ourselves, the intention is there. I’m going to be better about this next year, too!

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