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Silicone Molds

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October 30, 2022 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group!

Please note the rules as not following them can lead to a permanent ban


- No hate speech, racism, bigotry, ableism or prejudice of any kind

- 18+ members as content may have curse words or other lewd topics

- NO POLITICS! I said it twice because I mean it.

- Silicone mold related posts only. Tips, tricks, advice etc only, please check out the other groups for other topics!

- Sales or advertising:

To prevent ad flooding, email for permission to post. Pricing is as follows:

$3 per post up to 3 posts

$10 for 5 posts

$15 for 10 posts

$20 for 20 posts


Hey mold makers and creators, lets talk tape!

Tape is one thing I never thought would be a major concern in my life until I started my mold journey. I always just thought adhesive is adhesive, different strengths sure, but I had NO IDEA there was different chemicals used for different tapes, and those different chemicals had different reactions with silicone.

When I first started I exclusively used Cricut Strong Grip, but that quickly became a money eater and I needed an alternative.



    Welcome to the group everyone! This group is for anyone who ...
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