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Part 2

Pinterest Predicted Trends

14 Date Different

"Dinner and a movie is so 2022. In the year ahead, Gen Z will embark on a different kind of dating experience, opting for experiential outings like bookstore dates, museum meet cutes and aquarium adventures. Because who needs “dinner and movie” when you have “bookstore and manatee”?"

Restaurant dating is a thing of the past (thank god) and with this comes a new way of dating and showing love & interest between two people. This also means gift giving and dating in a whole has changed. What can you provide that serves the world of dating? Well, lots of things. From simple "first date gifts" to serving those who have been together for a while and need help with dating ideas like the dating jar where you put small date ideas into a jar for couples to pick a random one on date night. The world of dating is also another trend that is here to stay for as long as there are humans and capitalism, but the approach is what changes and its time to change with it.

15 RomCom Core

"Move over, barbiecore—there’s a new main character in fashion. In 2023, Gen Z and Millennials will romanticize their closets with slip dresses, tube tops, cargo pants and claw clips. Get ready for a new kind of meet-cute, inspired by your favorite romantic comedies from the 2000s. For Millennials, this might be a nostalgic trend, but for Gen Z, it’s not-stalgic: Who says that just because you didn’t live through it, you can’t live in it?"

This is a style Millennials know best. I have seen some loathe it and some thrive in it, but one thing for certain is that everyone loves a bit of some sort of nostalgia & blast from the past.

I feel like this trend ties into previous ones, antiques, fashion, and getting in touch with our younger selves. It is okay to be a child again, there's no more shove to be and act a certain way at a certain age, and this trend flourishes within that thought. Is there something you miss from the early 2000's you wish was back? I bet there are a million other people out there missing it too and would rock that tumbler, keychain, and T-Shirt (yep even those butterfly hair clips)!

16. Mush-rooms

"Boring homes, be gone. In 2023, Gen Z and Boomers will make room for weirdcore design, mushroom decor and fantasy art in their sacred spaces."

If you havent noticed yet, home decor is changing. People are opting out of setting up space for the future own owner and theyre opting in for making a space they love, no matter how weird it gets. People love things that make them feel something and theyre picking that over the plain beige layout.

17. Fringe with Benefits

"Fringe will make a major comeback in 2023—and not in the ways you might expect. Gen X and Millennials will trade in their typical tassels for free-swinging fringed outfits, dresses and jackets. And for the unconventional bride: Fringe wedding dresses are trending up."

Fringe isn't just for clothing, people love it because of its playfulness and being so fidget friendly. This trend goes into fringy keychains, fringy home decore, FRINGE FRINGE FRINGE!

18. Crown Care

"If you want to get a head start on hair care in 2023, go back to your roots. “Skinification,” or a focus on the scalp and crown of your head, will be a priority this year. Searches from Gen X and Boomers show an uptick in care for the scalp, like “scalp treatment” and “clean scalp.” This is your chance at a root revival. Now, who wants a scalp massage?"

Within my almost 40 years of living, I haven't seen their hair care industry boom so big as I have now. People are seeking out the best ways to care for their crowns, leaning away from big corporations and looking for more natural alternatives to self crown care. With this means an uptick in different hair care accessories from hair scrubbers to natural hair care products and the accessories that go with that.

19. Beyond Blue and Pink

"Gender norms are shifting—and parenting approaches are, too. Searches among Gen Z and Millennials show a desire to break down the binary as they raise the next generation. From pronoun flashcards and gender flags to self-identity art and unisex names, they’re proudly practicing gender-neutral parenting."

Forcing kids to abide by a stereotypical gender norm is a thing of the past. Kids aren't being held down to the rules we once were, and are being allowed to explore what makes them happy. Cut the boys in blue and girls in pink and make your items more gender inclusive! Boys like princesses too, and girls love to get dirty and they're finally being allowed to explore these interests. We can sit back and be mad about it, or we can go with the flow and allow our kids to thrive in the minds they were given, and they're also being taught to love those that are different from themselves. Pronoun badges and pins are also a hot trend, but like Pinterest says, flags, self identifying art, and pronoun flash cards are on the rise!

20. Now Processing

"More ways to feel your feels in 2023. Alternatives to talk therapy are on the rise—like expressive art and music therapy—as well as art journaling, which is up a whopping 37x. Gen Z and Millennials are driving this trend, seeking new, creative ways to work on themselves."

Like many other trends, self care is becoming top priority for people. This means through every aspect of ones life, not just through the object around them that make them feel better, or celebrating themselves, but also through healing. One thing that is on a major rise is Tarot reading, and shadow work. Do you have anything that gives into the world of self love?

21 Free Spirits

"Enough with the drinking judgement. Sometimes people want to drink, sometimes they don’t, sometimes they only want to drink a little—it’s not that complicated. Gen X will drive this trend, demanding mocktails, cocktails and low-ABV options for all. Now that’s refreshing."

Now this may feel a bit harder of a trend to get into, especially when your an artist and not bartender, however this trend just speaks more into what is actually trending. This plays more into showing how inclusive the world is shifting towards, and how self care is becoming top priority. But this also shows how the world of cups is a world that is here to stay, but how is your niche' going in on this?

22. All Aboard

"More sustainable travel? That tracks. In 2023, train travel will make a major comeback. Thanks to quicker boarding, extra legroom, scenic views and a lower carbon footprint, Gen Z and Millennials will find a renewed love for this timeless mode of transportation. Searches for Europe interrailing, train quotes and train travel aesthetic are all trending way up."

With the trend of self love and self care, more and more people are selling all their belongings to take world trips, turning in their bus passes for train tickets and overall trying their best to be more sustainable. But also with this comes a need for ticket holders, keychains, bag accessories like luggage tags. Hop onto this trend because its here to stay!

23. Cha-Ching Challenge

"Finance, but make it fun. This year, Gen X and Millennials will seek out new ways to gamify their finances, searching for budget challenges and saving games."

Within this silent depression comes a wave of new ways to save money. People are becoming more conscious on how they spend, and funnily enough the world of saving money is a booming market. Whats great about this is it comes in many forms, if you dont know who Jasmine Taylor is, look her up! She went from being poor and broke to making a million dollar company from starting a money saving challenge called cash stuffing on social media. Because of her now ways to save money is making big bank!

24. Good on Paper

"Analog hobbies: so in right now. Paper crafts will make a comeback this year, as Boomers and Gen Z turn to quilling, origami and paper art to satisfy their crafty cravings."

Because people are going through this silent depression, that means they're turning back to the ways they entertained themselves before the internet was a thing. Paper crafts, quilting and crocheting, origami, and not only are people turning to these ways of keeping themselves entertained, they're also buying these crafts like crazy!

25. All the Raves

"Rave culture will reign in the year ahead. As Gen Z and Millennials recover from over two years in lockdown, they’ll take over nightclubs, warehouses and house parties all over the globe. Techno style, rave fashion and house music outfits are all trending up."

This trend again is playing into many other trends. From saying fuck it to buying into big corp and taking care of themselves and what they want to do AKA having fun, but also trending styles and retro looks is back and without apology.

26. Home Front

"The backyard has had its moment—it’s time to serve the greeter good. In 2023, the front porch will get the spotlight treatment. Rising searches suggest Boomers and Gen X will adorn their entrances with elaborate decor and embellishments."

These last couple of trends are pretty self explanatory and still touch on other previously stated trends. People are decorating not only the inside of their homes how they want, but now their entrances are also screaming "this is my space and this is what I love"

27. Vitamin Seaweed

"In 2023, the hottest superfoods will be from the sea. A long-standing staple in Asian cultures, ocean-based foods and minerals are growing in popularity among Millennials and Gen X all over the globe thanks to their much-needed health benefits. Everything from green algae and nori to seaweed snacks is trending up."

Now you can ignore these trends and keep pushing the same thing you have been and just pray that things bounce back, or you can shift what you provide and move with the market. If your business is hurting, and you need more ideas on how to get back on track, try these trends out, & see how you can profit.

Or not. Whatever. But if you choose not to, then you choose to ignore the change!


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