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Hello and welcome to the new group!

To things off I want to talk a bit about where to find a local market.

When I first started off with markets, I just about gave up as soon as I started because I couldn't figure out where to find any market with sustenance. I kept finding small markets with weird vibes out in the middle of no where, and I lost a LOT of money starting off. So I will share my few secrets on how I find the most optimal events and markets that suit me, and how you can apply the same thing to find the best markets for you!


First off, before you go searching, you need to figure out the best location and type of event you want to attend.

I personally make and sell all ocean related items so my best locations are always near the beach. While I do make sales in areas outside of beach cities, they never have a return like an event closer to the water.

So think about the types of items you sell. Is your business themed or kinda all over the place?

If it has a theme, for instance you sell jewelry or crystals, then you're going to want to look for that demographic. For higher end products you are much more likely to sell well in areas where there is higher incomes. While if you sell things like Disney themed, you will want to look for more suburban areas, or where you would be more likely to find "Disney Moms". If you sell things that are cheaper, and have a larger demographic then you will do great at places like Etsy Guilds or craft fairs.

If you don't know who your demographic is, comment below what you sell and lets figure it out together!

Now, you have your demographic and you've figured out what kind of markets you want to be at, but where TF do you find the markets to go to?? Well the answer is surprisingly pretty easy!

First: check EventBrite. This is where I find the best markets in my areas. For smaller states (I am in CA where there is always a plethora of events) check your local newspapers and your cities websites.

Other great places to find events is Facebook groups and Instagram! The way I find them on Facebook is by searching the cities name and then vendors. For example: "Long Beach Vendors" "IE Vendors" "LA Vendors". From there you will find groups that are for vendors and event hosts to find one another. Event coordinators will list their current events in those areas for vendors to reach out to them to join.

With Facebook though, be careful though and make sure to stay safe from scams. I have learned a lot of lessons and I will no longer attend events unless they have an application process. If they are DMing me and asking me to pay them through messenger to, and they don't have a social media presence, I wont even think about joining.

Also: don't be afraid to email or message event coordinators and ask for more information. What type of vendors typically join their events? How many vendors are to be expected? Will there be live music and food? What type of advertising are they doing for the event? Will there be signs outside? Ask ask ask! This is how you weed out the ones sure to fail.

I once had joined an event that was in the back of a parking lot behind a grocery store with a single 12"x12" sign randomly in the parking and quite literally MAYBE a handful of people showed and the coordinator left 10 minutes into the event. These are the events you want to avoid!

On Instagram, the way you can start is by searching locations. Search markets in the cities you want to attend. For example: when I want to find an event near the beach, I will first search piers that have store fronts around them. They will typically host a lot of events and you can find current ones going on in their area. You can also search cities Instagram pages as well. Also go through their following, coordinators also follow these pages and you can search within their followers "markets" and find coordinators through there.

After you find an event happening in a certain location, find out who is hosting that event. Who are the coordinators of those events, and follow them. But don't just follow them, look through who is following them and who they are following. Most of the time most event coordinators work with, own or work for multiple events, and they also do a lot of networking with other event coordinators as well. I follow so many event coordinators just from this tid bit alone.

After you find your first event, once you get there, the number one way to find the next best event is through... NETWORKING! Talk to all of your neighbors, find people you hit it off with and swap info! I cant tell you how many markets I have found by doing this, but also great friends as well!

After trying all these avenues you should be able to find plenty of events. Some cities and states have much more than others, and some states are easier to find on different platforms, and some states you just might have to do a bit of traveling just to get to one, but they ARE out there! Wherever there are people there are crafters and small businesses and you bet your a$$ there is an event, just might have to do a little extra digging!



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