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How to get repeat customers, upsell and an email list all at once!

One way question I get a lot, is how do I get a long emailing list, convince people to buy while they've stopped in, and get them to come back again if not in person, online, and there is one way that I do all of this at once!

Now, you can do this with one of your own products like a give away, but I did it with a donation to WWF (World Wild Life Fund) in a customers name, but as people would come into my tent, I had a small set up in front of where I sit, with just a notepad and a pen. As people would come in, I would inform them that who ever purchases is invited to add their name onto the list and at the end of the day I would be picking a winner to give a donation in a customers name.

Again, you can do this as a giveaway of something within your shop, this part you can get creative and come up with something unique to you and your business!

After people would make a purchase, I would have them sign this notepad. On the notepad it would request their name, phone number, email, and a little box to check off if they want promotional emails or texts.

Doing this #1 gets people excited and thinking about your business. It will help you stand apart from other vendors and they are more likely to keep you in mind wondering if they've won. Sometimes people will come back to you to see if you've announced a winner and end up purchasing something again.

#2 helps you start an email and phone list. NOW legally you cannot text or email unless they state they would like promotional stuff so never ever email or text someone whom specifically asks not to be! Aside from being unethical, it is illegal! Plus no one likes spam, its gross. BUT for those who really like your stuff, this will give you an opportunity to keep in touch with them and possibly make future sales!

#3 gives you to opportunity to talk with your customers! One thing I hate the most about pop ups is trying to come up with things to talk about, whether to talk or not... my true socially awkward side of me tends to come out. But with this it gives you something to talk about, from the item you are giving away, talk about your work and your business and what you're all about!

Some things to keep in mind: Write at the top of the note book or on a sign that you will not sell their personal information. This is always a fear of peoples and its totally understandable, so to keep them at ease about giving their personal information to you, make sure they know it is for the giveaway only unless they would like promotional emails/texts.

Some people are major germaphobes, so make sure to have a "clean" pen area and "dirty" pen area, and/or bring some alcohol wipes to wipe them down between each person using them.

Here are some ideas and items I use!

(you can find these and more in my amazon storefront by clicking here)

This pen holder is great because it has both sides for dirty and clean, and also had a business card holder so customers are more inclined to grab one while its within eyesight! Pen and business card holder

Here is a free download for a customer contact forum, however this can be easily done on any notepad, or can even be done on note cards and put into a jar for a giveaway! (download this template by clicking here)

And everyone loves a nice writing pen! Here are my favorites:

Felt tip:


Ball point:



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