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How to get repeat customers, upsell and an email list all at once!

One way question I get a lot, is how do I get a long emailing list, convince people to buy while they've stopped in, and get them to come back again if not in person, online, and there is one way that I do all of this at once!

Now, you can do this with one of your own products like a give away, but I did it with a donation to WWF (World Wild Life Fund) in a customers name, but as people would come into my tent, I had a small set up in front of where I sit, with just a notepad and a pen. As people would come in, I would inform them that who ever purchases is invited to add their name onto the list and at the end of the day…


Market/pop-up, events, festivals etc. can be an extremely lucrative way to make money, but as most know, they cost money just to get into and the ultimate goal is to not only make that money back but flip a profit!

So today let’s talk about one of the ways to make sure you make that $$!

Set ups


Hello and welcome to the new group!

To things off I want to talk a bit about where to find a local market.

When I first started off with markets, I just about gave up as soon as I started because I couldn't figure out where to find any market with sustenance. I kept finding small markets with weird vibes out in the middle of no where, and I lost a LOT of money starting off. So I will share my few secrets on how I find the most optimal events and markets that suit me, and how you can apply the same thing to find the best markets for you!


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