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Hello all my Insta people!

So to start off this group, I want to start with the Instagram basics. Instagram sometimes feels like a dead end, or that it is nearly impossible to grow on there, but I have several IG hack books that I am going to dive into and share all the secrets with you to help get you GROWTH. Not just a large number of followers but followers that are actually interested in what you have to offer and pay attention to you. You can have a lot of followers but if it doesn't convert into sales it makes it pointless right?

Well todays secret: Hashtags.

Within IG its self you can find helpful tips with hashtags, but I am not sure if anyone has paid any attention to it. I know even after reading them myself it didn't actually resonate with me and I didn't put but thought behind it and just scrolled on, but we should be paying really close attention to them, because they are actually very helpful!

IG suggests not using all hashtags. I believe it allows 30 hashtags, but IG suggests to sticking to around 15, 20 at the most.

Now why is that? That's because just like every other platform IG works off of an algorithm. If you are flooding it with hashtags, especially irrelevant hashtags, it will just confuse the algorithm and you wont be pushed to the correct audience.

Which leads into the next tip: what type of hashtags should I be using?

Your first 5 hashtags should be describing hashtags. Describing what's in the photo. For instance, if you are selling clothing put things like #pinkjacket #blackpants etc.

The next hashtags should be more about your niche`. For example if you make resin jewelry: #jewelryfashion #resinjewelry etc.

NOW pay attention to the types of hashtags you are using as well. Before choosing the hashtags, you want to use do a little bit of research on them. When you are a small creator you don't want to use all hashtags with millions of posts within them, you will just get lost in the sauce! Instead what you want is a mix. You want hashtags with around 1k posts, some with 15k and only a couple with millions of posts.

Why? Because the way IG algorithm works is it pushes content that is seen and gets engagement. You are more likely to be seen and get engagement through the smaller hashtags which then tells the algorithm people like your stuff, and therefore will start to get pushed on the larger hashtags. If you are only using these 1.1m hashtags then you are less likely to get seen and it will tell the algorithm to not push your posts.

There are apps out there that help with this, they do their own research and give you the "best" hashtags, however it is based off guessing from the information you give it rather than being directly for you. While if you do your own research and find the best hashtags for each post you're way more likely to hit your target audience. After a while you will find which hashtags are working for you and which ones aren't, but like every other platform consistency is key! Keep going, don't stop when it isn't working for you after a couple days, keep pushing, keep trying and don't give up!

Information credit: 3ourtneynicole on TikTok

Do you have any helpful IG tips? We would love to hear them!

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