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So the past few days I have talked with a couple of people with common issues: not being seen on Instagram. A lot of people have this idea that IG algorithm is difficult, but in actuality it is pretty easy. Now will abiding by the rules mean you are guaranteed to make it?

Actually yes, but what separates the people who do everything they're supposed to make it and the people who do everything they're supposed to do and don't make it is one single thing.. consistency.

Now the one thing that is unknown is how long you have to keep it up before you finally have your chance to be seen, however the more consistent you are the higher your chances are to rank higher in the algorithm.


So this is pretty beginner news, so if you already knew about this, forgive me lol But some one just recently reached out to me asking about how I did my grid out of one photo, so I thought I would share here to just incase no one else knew!

What I use is Plannoly. I have IOS but I am sure android users have access to it as well. It is an app (there is a fee but its 100% worth it) that lets you plan out your IG grid, you can upload posts there and set the day and time for when you want Plannoly to post it for you. It also posts to other platforms as well! BUT there is also a feature where you can upload a single photo and it will slice it up and turn it into a grid for you! Its pretty cool,…

Hello all my Insta people!

So to start off this group, I want to start with the Instagram basics. Instagram sometimes feels like a dead end, or that it is nearly impossible to grow on there, but I have several IG hack books that I am going to dive into and share all the secrets with you to help get you GROWTH. Not just a large number of followers but followers that are actually interested in what you have to offer and pay attention to you. You can have a lot of followers but if it doesn't convert into sales it makes it pointless right?

Well todays secret: Hashtags.

Bre Lemieux


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