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Getting to know GoImagine

After using the code to get your first month free (check out my previous post if you haven't seen it yet where you can find this code), you will need to wait approx. 24 hours before you get approval.

After you get approval you will be sent a link on where to access your shop. If you find yourself stuck and you cant figure out where to edit your shop, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see where it says "Seller Dashboard" in bold blue font under the category "seller". This will take you to your dashboard where you can edit your shop, add products and deal with orders.

After you access your seller dashboard for the first time you will see a menu across the top. Options will be "Orders" "Products" "Customers & Users" "Marketing" and "Shop Account". We will be starting off with "Shop Account"

Here you will set up your shop. Go through all the options, add in your shop information, hook up to stripe and PayPal, your shop announcement, about, banners and photos and all the goodies. One thing I love about the way GoImagine has this set up, is how thorough it is. Etsy is much more user friendly as they show you how your shop looks and lets you edit the look of it, but with the way GoImagine has it set up is you can quickly get all the little details done in one place, and they are very easily put. It isnt all jumbled up and difficult to understand, just go through drop down menus and fill out everything you want to fill out!

In the "Shop Account" drop down menu you will also see a selection called "MOSAIC Settings" This is where you will have the option to change the colors/theme of your shop! (And for the real wizz's this has an HTML option!)

Within "Shop Account" the last selection is "Seller Vacations". This is where you can set up pre-determined vacations to set on your shop. Have a vacation planned way ahead? Know you have several doctor visits in the future where you wont be available to take orders? Moving? You are able to set up vacations for the future! This is so much better than the Etsy option where you have to remember to put your shop on vacation and take it back off, with no option to set it up for the future.

After you have your shop all set up and pretty, go to the "Products" menu. Here within the drop down selections you will see "Products" "featured Products" "Options" and "Categories".

Before you go and start making your listings, you may find it easier to build your categories first. Get your categories all set up so when you're adding in your products you can add them into their categories rather than making all the listings, make categories then go and add each one into their category.

When I first opened the category area is when I got super excited. One thing I loved about my website with Square/Wix is that I could make categories with categories within them. So instead of Etsys way of for instance I want to have a category for badge reels, but I have all different types of badge reels, I cant put them into their own separate spot, customers are then forced to weed through all my available badge reels. Instead, with GoImagine, I can have a category named badge reels and then that can have its own drop down menu with the different type of badge reels that I carry!

So let me show you around a bit!

First, to create a category, you will want to click on the plus button to the right

After you click the plus, it will take you to where you will create your category.

You will see three selections: "Category Name" "Parent Category" and "Status". Here you can put in your category name, and if you want it within another category (example: you made a category named badge reel and you want to create a category named "animals" you would click this drop down menu and select "badge reels" and it will put your "animals" within the "badge reels" drop down menu) Status is pretty self explanatory, it is whether you would like this category to be seen or not. If you like to make holiday items, this is perfect for those situations. Instead of going through and disabling different listings, just disable the entire category!

After you are done making your category, make sure you click "create" on the top right to save that category.

After you get all your categories all set up and ready, click "save" to the top right, don't want to lose all your hard work!



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