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Hey everyone and welcome to everything about Etsy!

Now while I am no Etsy expert, I have been on Etsy for a while now and there are some things I have learned about Etsy, its algorithm and how to play the Etsy game and I will share those with you!

To start off, I want to talk about the Etsy Explore page.

Think of Etsy as a social media platform. Etsy wants people active within the app. They want constant engagement, because the longer someone is active on Etsy the more likely they are to purchase something. Now they don't care if its coming from your shop or Susies Sandals, they just want people to buy... SO Etsy is to be treated just like your IG page.

Before the Explore page, it was a bit more difficult, you would need to put a lot more work into other social media outlets, don't get me wrong all of that is still really important so keep up on those and if you need any help with those check out the other groups, but now with the explore page you can upload videos just like Pinterest Idea Pins, TikTok, and IG reels. In fact, you can get those videos and upload it straight to the explore page!

Still not sure how to use it? Here are some step by step instructions:

-Open your Etsy Seller app (this is working with the new app, which is blue)

-Hit the Explore button to the bottom right, there will be stars above it

-Click Create New Post

- You can either read through the tips or hit start creating

If you hit the tips button you will see "Welcome to Explore" which is a video explaining what Explore is (you can upload videos anywhere from 15 seconds to 3m long), and explains the different types of videos you should upload, how people find sellers through the Explore Page (they are very adamite about having high quality photos, however you will see you don't need top of the line videos to be seen). You will also see a "What do I make" video that explains tips on how to make a video that will get customers engaged. They suggest process videos, tutorials, showing your products in use, styling your pieces with complimentary pieces you also sell within your shop. You will also see a "Being Authentic" button which gives the tips of letting your personality shine, don't be afraid to go off script, pretend you're talking to a friend, just be yourself and not a perfectionist, have a clean set but not too clean, just enough for it to not be too busy, & don't overdo your videos by being impractical or unachievable. Next you will see "Telling Your Story" which gives the tips of tell a story through timelapse, take time to show off your item, show your process, think of a visual hook and not to forget to show off the finished item. Next you will get a video on how to trim and curate your video through the app. Now I know with TikTok and IG they will actually push videos that have been edited through the app, but I am unsure if this is true for Etsy. They do allow videos from other platforms, so I dont think their bottom line is creating the video from their app but mostly just getting your videos onto their app. The very last tip video you get is tips on audio. Speaking clearly, background noises, & using royalty free music sites. Now, if you are already using TikTok and IG I don't think these tips will be very helpful, as you should know most of these tips already, but if you are having a difficult time on those platforms too, then I do highly suggest going through all these tips.

- Once you hit start creating a window comes up asking what type of post are you creating. Is it about you and your shop, how to use your item, how to make and item, or "memes and skits". For this tutorial, I will choose "about me and my shop", but it doesn't matter because they all are done in the same way.

- After choosing what type of video you would like, hit continue and it will then bring you to the next window where you add your video, you can change the type of post you are posting, add your listing to that video so people can get directed straight to your listing, and then caption.

- When you select to upload a video, it will take you to another window. Here you will see you can record a video, upload a video, and add video clips. After you are finished, hit the continue editing button.

- Here you will enter the Editor. You have the options of "timeline" which allows you to stop in any part of your video and upload a new video to be spliced into that part of the video. For example: you can upload a video cookies, hit the timeline button and move the bar to any part of the video and pause it. Then click "add" and upload another video of you breaking that cookie open to show the ooie goodness. This will cut your original video at that timeline mark and put the new video between.

- You will also see a transform button which allows you to crop and rotate the video, an adjust button which allows you to edit brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, shadows, highlights, exposure, gamma, blacks, whites, temperature, and sharpness.

- Lastly, you will see the Text button where you can add text onto the screen.

To upload that video, simply hit the right arrow button to the top right and you're good to go!

Hope that all helped and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!



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