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Well.. as you might/should have heard, Etsy is not paying its sellers as of right now and they are unsure of when they will be doing so again.

If you are unaware, SV Bank is a large bank for tech companies (like Etsy, Pinterest, Shopify, Square etc) and they recently went under because of some terrible investments they made, and them closing down means that they no longer have money to give to the companies that put their money in with them.

There is a lot more that goes into it, but to keep this topic Etsy only, I will be discussing possible outcomes, and what you can do as a small business.

Holla my fellow Etsy sellers. So I thought I would share a (not so) secret to help you boost your Etsy listings! So everyone knows, Etsy is ran off SEO (search engine optimization) but for beginners or non tech savvy peeps SEO feels daunting. WELL there is a bit of a hack to get you started! Its called E-Rank. I LOVE this website. It makes making new listings and updating SEO so much easier. On there you can compare your listings to other top sellers to see what is different. You can look at other shops tags, listing descriptions and their overall SEO and take pointers from them. It also has a feature where it goes through your entire shop and ranks your listings and lets you know where you need to improve which is a huge plus. AND if you have multiple shops you can add them all on…

Hey everyone and welcome to everything about Etsy!

Now while I am no Etsy expert, I have been on Etsy for a while now and there are some things I have learned about Etsy, its algorithm and how to play the Etsy game and I will share those with you!

To start off, I want to talk about the Etsy Explore page.



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